Cherry Trees

I have spent a lot of time envying people who lived in places like Victoria, B.C. or any other warm city because of their beautiful flowers and mild weather. Now I have realized that… Continue reading


The area where we feed our birds happens to be in a marsh area so we always get to see the birds bathing. It is so adorable. Normally what the birds do after they… Continue reading

Goslings, Part Deux.

This is a follow quick up to my previous goslings post. They were pretty fresh babies and not to keen on me being around. Now a week later and they have all warmed… Continue reading

Mating Season

Spring is the season of rain, flowers, and well…mating! On a recent walk through one of my local ponds I came across some mating wood frogs. At the water there was piles of frogs mating,… Continue reading


I promised more babies last week, so here is the next cuties up on the docket. Goslings! No, not Ryan Gosling babies… Awhile ago Canadian Geese(for my international viewers, this link to a… Continue reading

What The Truck!?

I was impressed by the recent What The Truck?! event that was held here in Edmonton. It was not the food that impressed since every truck seemed to carry the same variety of food… Continue reading

Mountain Biking

Way before Zac and I met he had a first love, mountain biking. Although I am not very practiced at it, I do share that love of mountain biking. While we were in… Continue reading

One Love

A wedding is a busy day. You go from getting ready to ceremony to photos to dinner to reception. When are you supposed to find time to just relax and spend a moment… Continue reading

Seton Lake, British Columbia

On all of our trips to the B.C. coast we have taken the exact same route via the Coquihalla Highway – which is beautiful, but on our most recent adventure to Whistler, B.C.… Continue reading

Baby Saw Whet Owls

Over the winter time my boyfriend, Zac, and I had the opportunity to go and help to band some owls. Banding was an amazing experience because we were face to face with some… Continue reading

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is our budgies, Chipper and Daisy. These two are an awkward couple. Daisy is a crazy binge eating budgie and Chipper is a pestering brat, but no matter what they always go… Continue reading


Recently I have been doing some digging around in my archived files from only a year ago, which is basically from when I started seriously photographing wildlife, and oh boy has my photography… Continue reading

Downy Woodpeckers

Lately I have been working very hard to get my career as a photographer off the ground through Zac and I’s company, Zokah. Which is why post have been sparse. That being said, I… Continue reading

Bird Doc Series – Dark Eyed Junco

This is the second episode of my Bird Docs project. This video cover some facts about the Dark Eyed Junco. There is more of these birds in North America (630 million) than people… Continue reading

Epic Seagull

I love this photo that I shot while observing the salmon run. I love the mist, the old looking tree, the mountain in the background, and the epic pose of the bird…I just… Continue reading